Things To Do This Winter In New England—Besides Work!

Things To Do This Winter In New England—Besides Work!

Skilled tradesmen, and women, need to take some well-deserved time off around the holidays—from working and job hunting. As we point out in a recent post, the skilled trades market is strong in New England right now. So you might have to be ready to go back to work after the first!

In the meantime, however, tradespeople need to spend some quality time relaxing with friends and family for the holiday season. So we searched high and low for some great things to do in New England—not including skilled trades work! And we found a great list of classic New England wintertime activities recommended by the experts at trip TripSavvy. Here is a partial list of the activities we found most interesting: 

  • Try Your Hand at Ice Fishing
  • Ski New England
  • Try Snow Tubing
  • Forget It’s Winter in New England Entirely
  • Visit a Real Ice Castle
  • Cross-Country Ski or Snowshoe
  • Go Snowmobiling

And of these seven awesome-sounding winter activities, we especially recommend snow tubing. We couldn’t state it better than the TripSavvy folks (Ibid):

You don’t need lessons, there’s no expensive equipment to buy, and your shins won’t ache at the end of the day. It’s no wonder that in New England, snow tubing has become a popular alternative to skiing. With more than a dozen New England tubing parks offering fast-paced fun, families visiting the region this winter will find ample opportunities to give tubing a try.

Thanks to their snowmaking machines, the Seacoast Adventure Park in Maine ensures tubing opportunities all winter long. The 11 lanes of tubing at Ski Butternut in Massachusetts are some of the most popular in New England, attracting visitors from neighboring states.

But what do we know! Check out the full article, pick your favorite activity, and have some fun!

When you get back into work mode after the holidays, we’ll be ready to assist you with your next big job hunting adventure! 

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