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Skilled Trades Staffing Specialists

Get the tradesmen you need from our skilled trades recruitment team. Whether you need specialized talent for a project or want to add people to your team, STP can provide people who are skilled, vetted and ready to work.

With Skilled Trades Partners, you can:

People We Place

At Skilled Trades Partners, we connect employers with skilled tradesmen in the Northeast.
Our specialties include:

Skilled Trades Staffing Services

Add flexibility to your team. STP provides temporary employees with the skills and experience you need most.

Reduce the risk of making a bad hire. If a candidate doesn’t work out, then you only pay fees for the person’s time on the job. During the trial period, the new employee remains our employee. At the end of the assignment, if you are happy with the person’s work, you can convert that individual to your staff at no additional cost.

Shorten your search for skilled talent. Our skilled trades recruiters take care of all the legwork of hiring. You owe us nothing until you hire a candidate we present.

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