Jobs for women in construction

Jobs for Women in Construction

At Skilled Trades Partners, we offer equal opportunity employment to women of all skilled trades professions. 

If you’re a Woman in Construction, we encourage you to take a look at our open roles and apply to the one that you are most passionate about. Here’s some of the roles we hire for:

Skilled Trades


Women in Construction on the Rise

The rising representation of women in construction roles shows a positive shift in the industry. At Skilled Trades Partners, we continue to support and promote women in their roles, acknowledging their contributions, and addressing the challenges they face, as we do for all of our employees. 

Women of STP

The women that work at STP are some of the best people we’ve come across in 20+ years in the industry. We only work with skilled tradeswomen that are motivated, experienced in their craft and dedicated to what they do. 

That means you’ll be working with like minded individuals, and that you’ll be in good company when you work for STP as a woman in construction. 


Why Women Love Working for STP

Equal Pay
New Opportunities
Tuition Reimbursement
Being Respected at Work

At STP, We're Proud Members of:

Did You Know ...

Only approximately 14% of skilled trades employees are female. 

(According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  as of September 2022)

You can be the change you want to see in the industry!

Testimonial from a STP Woman in Construction

I had a great experience with STP over the past 6 months. They are very accommodating especially with being a single mom, they were very responsive in a quick matter no matter what my question was. The pay was very acceptable for my experience and the hiring process at STP is very quick and easy. They were able to get me out the same week I applied.” 

-Taslimah K.

A Few Words from our President, Mary Chisholm

Mary shares her path into the construction industry, and the challenges she has experienced in creating a more inclusive business today.

I have spent the last 18 years in the Staffing world, 12 years specializing in skilled trades construction. Although I originally pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I stumbled upon the staffing industry by chance and have been devoted to it ever since. Approximately 3 years ago I decided it was time to take all the industry experience and start my own business. Skilled Trades Partners.

When I was hired to work in a construction staffing office in 2011, I was the only woman in the company in a construction staffing role in the whole Northeast. It’s a male dominated industry, so being comfortable being the only woman sometimes walking on to a jobsite was a challenge that I had to overcome. Other challenges I faced were a major lack of safety equipment that fit women properly as well as stereotypes from men, who assumed that I don’t know anything about construction as a woman. At the beginning, I often felt out of place on sites.

As I’ve grown to love the industry, I find great joy in seeing women thrive in their roles here at STP. I think that women bring very diverse visions to the table. We naturally have great problem solving skills and a natural ability to build strong relationships. With the creation of STP, there’s even more opportunities for women in construction to be respected in their roles now, which is great.

If I had the opportunity to give advice to a young woman entering the industry now, I’d say… “Stay strong, don’t be intimidated and stick it out. The industry is going to continue to add more and more women into the workforce!” 

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