How to Grow your Skilled Trades Career: Tips & Resources

As tradesmen and tradeswomen, you spend years honing your craft to really nail down your skills. In all those years of hard work, sometimes you might get caught up in what you’re currently doing and instead of thinking about the future and how you can get to the next level. What’s the beauty about working with trades? There’s always room for growth and opportunities. Whether it be learning a new skill or trade, or furthering your education for a particular license, there’s plenty out there to help you grow as a trade’s professional. In this blog, we will dive into how you can help grow your career in the trades industry. 

Know Where to Find Work 

When working in the skilled trades industry, there are lots of opportunities for you to grow your career. With there being a variety of trades and work that needs to be done, opportunities are endless. With that being said, how can one find these opportunities?

To start, the best thing to do in any job or industry is network. Don’t be afraid to get your name out there or attend networking events such as trade shows or workshops. One of our favorite places to network with potential hires is at the ABC events.

Other than networking and learning by putting yourself in the shoes of others, there are still plenty of other ways to find opportunities. The internet is filled with online job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter, with thousands of companies (like STP) searching for reputable candidates.

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Work with a Skilled Trades Staffing Company

Did you know that you can work with a skilled trades staffing company like STP at no cost to you? When you work with a skilled trades staffing company, you’ll have recruiters on the lookout for the perfect opportunity for you, and you’ll receive updates about new job postings that fit within your search requirements. Another great thing about working with a skilled trades staffing company is that in most cases, they will provide benefits to you, even if you land a temporary role. If you work with the right skilled trades staffing company, they’ll be able to help you find a multitude of work, ranging from temporary to permanent jobs in the skilled trades industry. 

Utilize Your Benefits 

If you want to grow in the trades industry, it’s important to tap into the power of training and education. These two benefits alone can help take your career in the trades industry to the next level. If you work for a company that offers tuition reimbursement, it’d be in your best interest to jump on that opportunity! Furthering your education opens a variety of doors, whether it be new opportunities, higher pay, or a promotion, all of which can help transform your career for the better. 


Stay Up to Date on Certifications

Remaining at the forefront of your trades career requires your commitment from multiple ends. Be sure to stay current with certifications and licenses that showcase your dedication to safety and compliance, which stands out to all skilled trades employers. Additionally, consider enrolling in more advanced classes. Obtaining additional licenses and certifications will help boost your credibility and put you ahead of other skilled tradesmen. 

Embrace Leadership Opportunities 

Lastly, one great way to help boost your career is the role of leadership. Embracing leadership within the trades industry presents avenues for both personal growth and industry impact. Don’t be afraid to take on the role as a leader. Stand in on a supervisory role, take an opportunity to train newcomers, and get involved with trade associations. All of the above are ways you can help grow your career as a skilled tradesman or tradeswoman. 

Level Up Your Skilled Trades Career

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