So You’re Job Hunting… Want to Spark the Interest of Companies Looking For Electricians?

If you’ve just graduated from trade school, congratulations! This is a key turning point in your life and career as an electrician. You have so much potential at this point – and you’ll need to figure out what’s next for you. If you’re a skilled tradesperson with years of experience but looking for a company where you can grow your electrician career, this is for you too. Next step? Land a job!

Licensed electricians should gather around as we dive deep into the best practices for job hunting and sparking the attention of companies. Before you google “jobs for electricians”, you’ll need to get pre-employment tasks in order. If you’re a New England electrician, keep reading, as the number of electricians is expected to grow by 7% over the next decade, you’ll want to jump-start your career at a company that has room for growth like Skilled Trades Partners.



How to Craft an Eye-Catching Electrician’s Resume


The first step you should take is to prepare your deliverables. This means polishing up your resume. It may be helpful to look into what skills construction companies are looking for in an employee by doing some research on a job board website. The last thing you want to do is tailor your resume to residential when your ultimate goal is to go into commercial electric work. If you’re not sure which avenue you’d like to pursue, it may be helpful to try looking into temp electrician jobs. Not only will this ensure you are positive about which avenue of electrical work you’re interested in, but it’s also a great way to boost your resume and reinforce your skills while working at a company that provides great benefits and room for growth like we do at Skilled Trades Partners.


In addition to a resume, you should have any required certifications handy. This is useful because if potential employers like your resume and are ready to move forward with an interview, it likely means they are ready and eager to hire. Make sure these documents are accessible both on paper and electronically so you never miss a beat when asked to share your qualifications. Failure to be prepared in this aspect can lead to delays in hiring or the company moving forward with other more prepared candidates.


If you’re looking to really “WOW!” potential employers- update your LinkedIn profile. Some tips for crafting a capturing profile are:


  • Make sure you have a recent, professional picture. As a tradesperson, it is acceptable to use a photo of you on the job or if you have one, a headshot. Refrain from using group photos, selfies, or photos that don’t show your face.
  • Add a background photo- this may be a picture of you hard at work on a job site, or maybe some cool electrical connection wiring- feel free to get more creative with this photo.
  • Update your experience and make sure it’s consistent with your resume.
  • List your skills and highlight your strengths.
  • Ask for recommendations from co-workers, customers, previous employers, or journeymen and master craftsmen. If they speak this highly of you, what’s to prevent someone new from offering you a position?


How to work with a Skilled Trades Staffing Agency


The most important (and final step for this job hunting activity) is to find an Employment or Staffing Agency to work with (such as Skilled Trades Partners). While Skilled Trades Partners is not exclusively an electrician temp agency, we do help find jobs for electricians (as well as jobs for skilled tradespeople in all fields). If you want to spark the interest of companies with opportunities for electricians – this is a sure-fire way.

Working with an industrial staffing agency like Skilled Trades Partners puts you right in front of companies looking to hire while providing all of the benefits for you. Plus – you don’t have to pay anything to work with an experienced recruiter that will help you find the perfect role. 

As we’ve already highlighted, a temporary electrician position is a good way to see if a job (or even a subdivision of electrical work) is the right fit for you. It’s also a great way to build your reputation with the staffing company you work for.

Make sure your resume, LinkedIn, and certificates of qualification are in line and Skilled Trades Partners will do the hard work of finding a company looking for help. At this point, you can skip Googling “electrical temp agency near me”, because Skilled Trades Partners is offering you our hand in partnership in finding you the best match for employment.


How to Begin Your Career as a Solar Electrician


While solar electricity was first introduced to residential homes in the 1970’s, the last 20 years have been explosive for the renewables industry as commercial solar projects have become more and more popular (and necessary) . This makes now an opportune time to begin your career as a solar electrician. Not only are solar electrician lobs highly lucrative, but taking a job with Skilled Trades Partners means sweet benefits like tool reimbursement, paid sick time, tuition, and rewards which you can learn more about here. Getting started is as simple as searching for your next job with the help of Skilled Trades Partners today.