Renewable Construction Jobs to Consider as a Skilled Tradesman

Skilled Trades Parnets tradesmen in snowy solar New England solar field

Skilled tradesmen play a key role in shaping the future in the ever-evolving construction industry, especially when it comes to the renewable energy industry. As the world strives for more sustainability and adopts cleaner methods, the demand for skilled workers in the industry continues to grow. This blog explores and provides insight into some of the opportunities available to New England skilled tradesmen who want to make a difference in what they do.


What It Takes To Be a Solar Installer 

Do you have prior experience in PV installations, general construction or carpentry? If so – consider looking into solar installer roles. As a Solar Installer, you will be responsible for day-to-day field installation of mechanical hardware, racking components, wiring assemblies, and solar modules. 

This role is well suited for someone who’s been an Apprentice Electrician with experience in commercial, industrial or solar. When you get a role as a Solar Installer with Skilled Trades Partners, you’ll have the opportunity to earn $20-24/hr (+ benefits) dependending on your experience. 

If you see a future with a career in solar, then this role is a great place to start! You can gain necessary experience needed to continue growing in the solar industry.


Benefits of Working As a Solar Installer

When you work as a Solar Installer, you’ll have an exciting and engaging work environment. Your day to day tasks will be diverse, and sometimes challenging yet rewarding. This is a hands-on that role involves the design and installation of solar energy systems, the diagnosis and resolution of any issues that may arise, and the regular maintenance of established systems. 

Solar Installers at STP have shared that they get immense gratification upon completion of the job as they see the impact of what they’ve done and how it will create a more sustainable source of energy. 

As a Solar Installer, you aren’t simply working a job; you’ll be driving the transition to clean energy, one solar installation at a time. At STP Renewables, we show our appreciation of the value of your efforts by providing you with competitive compensation and a wide range of benefits, providing a career that’s as financially rewarding as it is personally fulfilling.


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How to Work as a Solar Electrician 

Becoming a Solar Electrician is a great opportunity for a more experienced skilled tradesman that is already a licensed electrician and wants to take a step in a new direction. Tradesmen in this role are responsible for installing electrical equipment for residential and commercial solar systems.

Ideally, candidates for this role will have a minimum of 1 year solar experience and will be a licensed Journeyman in their state. With STP, tradesmen in this role have the opportunity to earn $42-50/hr (+ benefits). 


Benefits of Working As a Solar Electrician

If you couldn’t tell – this is one of the most well paid jobs for skilled tradesmen. Plus, if it’s a job site that’s far from you, we’ll make sure you get reimbursed for any travel expenses incurred. 

When it comes to the benefits of being a Solar Electrician at STP, there’s so many that we almost don’t know where to begin! When you join STP Renewables as a Solar Electrician, you’ll be in a role where you are well respected, well compensated, and surrounded by like minded individuals on some of the most beautiful sites in New England. These roles are year round, and you’ll always be provided with the proper PPE and training needed for your job. Most of our Solar Electricians report back that their favorite part is how peaceful these job sites are (oh, and how much they love their pay!). 


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How To Become an Electrical Helper for Solar 

Another great role to apply for if you see a future in solar is an Electrical Helper role in the solar industry. This is a great place to begin for any Apprentice Electrician! 

In this role, skilled tradesmen can expect to do tasks such as carrying materials and tools, cutting and bending wires and conduits, using tools to repair and maintain wiring, and cleaning work areas and equipment.

This role allows skilled tradesmen to gain experience in the industry and get an understanding of the day-to-day operations. With STP, tradesmen in this role have the opportunity to earn $20-28/hr (+ benefits). 


Benefits of Working As a Electrical Helper for Solar 

When you work as an Electrical Helper for Solar, you’ll be reaping all the rewards. Not only will you get to learn the ins and outs of what a Solar Electrician does, you’ll also be making an impact by assisting with bringing local sustainability efforts to life. Beyond the immediate rewards any career in the solar industry brings you – there’s more. As an Electrical Helper for Solar at STP, you’ll qualify for our benefits. One of our benefits is tuition reimbursement, which would be perfect for you if your ultimate goal is to become a Solar Electrician. 


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