In Their Own Words

What clients, candidates and employees think of working with us.


It sounds like you are the only staffing company to be building something like this , am I wrong? We are very interested in giving you a shot to become our partner.

Jim (30 year Electrical PM)

The employee conversion process is perfect for a candidate that we are very happy with and want to officially offer the job.

Patty (13 year HR Supervisor)

The digital time card approval process for the STP tradesmen was so quick and seamless! It took another agency over 3 months to get it set up, and then it didn’t work right. I highly recommend all of our other jobsites get on this.

Jeff (20 year Electrical Supervisor)

Thank you very much for getting my foot in the door and setting up this permanent role for me. I really appreciate it and it would not have happened without you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Krystal (5 year administrator)

I have not had a paid holiday in decades. I’m so happy for my good fortune by landing a position with STP.

Legz (30 year carpenter)