STP All-Star!

STP All-Star

Ken “Legz”


Ken “Legz” has been with STP since late November, and he’s never missed a day. He’s always early to the site, and he cares about the quality of his work.

“I just enjoy going to work every day,” he said. “Even though it’s the same job, you are going to meet different challenges and I love the challenge and I love to meet and beat it. I take ownership, I like to be responsible. I like to teach, I like to be taught and I like information and I attempt to keep informed and I try to inform on a daily basis. I’ve worked for a lot of people and I do love what I do, but I don’t necessarily enjoy who I’m doing it for. The fact that I enjoy what I do overweighs that.”

But he does, in fact, really love working for STP.

“They are a high end company,” Legz said. “For some reason, I hit the golden ring and landed with a company that is solid and supportive. I’ve been steady with this contractor who is just as supportive and just as nice, and I count my blessings and think I’m the luckiest guy on the planet. I never stop smiling and I never stop thinking positive.”

Legz has spent more than 45 years in construction as a jack of all trades. He worked on a farm as a youth, was in the navy, and has worked as a plumber, journeyman, and handyman.

“The farm is where I developed my work ethic,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of mentors in my life and I appreciate every one of them.”

In his spare time, Legz likes to remodel his home, save money and enjoys sports cars, his motorcycle and antiques vehicles. He also likes recycling.

“I enjoy creating things out of things and making them do things they weren’t meant for,” he said.

When he meets youth in his field, Legz likes to give them advice that has always worked for him.

“Find your passion, make it pay, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” he said. “You’ll get up every morning and go and play, and go to bank and deposit your pay, and be laughing all the way.”

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