Why You Will Never Be Unemployed With A Skilled Trades Job

Why You Will Never Be Unemployed With A Skilled Trades Job

How can skilled tradesmen and women protect themselves against unemployment and job loss? No one can completely insulate themselves from unemployment. But tradesmen are in demand right now, and that trend doesn’t look it’s coming to an end anytime soon. 

Are skilled tradespeople well-positioned against job loss in the coming years?

In this post, we’ll discuss: 

  • Why The Skilled Trades Can’t Be Outsourced
  • Skilled Trades Pay Well And Are In High Demand

Why can’t trades jobs in the US be outsourced? The experts over at Explore The Trades sum it up extremely well:

Most importantly, those who work in the trades experience job security because their work involves solving problems and helping people. Consumer trends come and go, and many new business and tech startups fail due to their inability to catch the whims of the public at the right time. Those who work in the trades don’t have to worry about this…By addressing the direct needs of people, trades workers hold some of the most secure jobs on the market.

But why can’t skilled trades jobs be outsourced? 

The answer is simple: The trades in the US require a trained American citizen with a valid SSN, or a valid green card holder, to put their hands on the tools and materials to get the job done.

Work can be easily outsourced to offshore workers in the technology, finance, and business operations fields. If there is a connection to the internet and no regulations to the contrary, anyone on the planet can do much of the digital work remotely.

That is not the case with the skilled trades, which makes them more secure than many other jobs.  

Skilled trades jobs also pay well and will be in high demand for years to come.

As we point out in a previous post, tradesmen are making an average of over $62,000 in Massachusetts alone. And skilled trades jobs are expected to continue to increase through 2026 at least. 

What’s the bottom line? The future looks bright for tradespeople! 

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