What Are The Do’s and Don’ts For Your Skilled Trades Job Interview?

Planning for a Skilled Trades Interview

Don’t be fooled into thinking that since it’s a candidate-friendly job market right now you don’t have to prepare for a job interview.

It’s true that some employers might scoop you up even if you show up to an interview unprepared. But you have to ask yourself a couple of questions if that happens:

So what are the do’s and don’ts for skilled trades interviewees?

In this post, we’ll provide clear, straightforward answers to that question: 

  • Six Must-Do’s
  • Three Never Do’s

So let’s get started! 

How important are job interviews in the construction trades? 

According to the skilled trades education experts at Coyne College:

While skilled trades jobs each have their own sets of unique skills and circumstances, the process of finding a job remains the same by and large. You still have to find job postings, apply, interview, and only if you get selected do you then start working the job.

There is a caveat to that statement—you can bypass a lot of the process if you have a recruiting partner representing you. More on that later.

So what are the six must-dos?

  • Always have an up-to-date resume listing your career goals, skills, certifications, licenses, and last five years of work history—in that order.
  • Be prepared to show any certs, licenses, etc., that the employer might want to see.
  • Make sure your resume is no more than one page. Have an additional document with additional details if that’s a requirement.   
  • Always show up at least fifteen minutes early for the interview. You can wait in your car for a few minutes and walk in 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.
  • Always dress appropriately—a plain button-down shirt and a nice pair of jeans (no holes) with a nice pair of boots or shoes (no tennis shoes) will work.
  • Always have questions about the workplace or site, and get all the information you’ll need to evaluate the offer. This includes salary, health benefits, shifts, hours, PTO, paid vacation, holidays, tool and per diem benefits, etc. 

What are the don’ts? We’ll make this easy!

  • Don’t show up without a resume, or lie on your resume. The same holds true for licenses, certifications, and other credentials.
  • Don’t dress inappropriately—suggestive T-shirts, torn jeans, and tennis shoes are a no-no!
  • Don’t be late for the interview.

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