Job Still Open? The Best Way To Reduce Your Time To Fill!

Reducing Time to Hire in Construction

What’s the downside to having a job open too long, and how can you decrease your time to fill? 

It comes down to a three-variable equation:

  • Having a tight, concise job description
  • Addressing the right candidate pool
  • Closing the deal!

If you have a handle on these three variables, your time-to-hire will be optimal. And out of the three, the candidate pool is the most critical. The applicant testing pros over at Criteria provide a great definition of candidate pool: 

An applicant pool consists of all the applicants who are applying for a particular position. The size of an applicant pool can vary depending on the job description, the amount of experience required, the intensiveness of the application process, the competitiveness of the compensation offered, and the avenues through which the job is advertised to potential candidates.

That’s an excellent definition. But how do you get your open job in front of the right group of candidates?

You can’t afford to have your job search open too long. There will be a negative ripple effect throughout your workforce and your projects. Your skilled trades employees will have to do the extra work of the prospective new hire, and project timelines will start to slip.

First, make sure your job description is as narrow and descriptive as possible. 

There’s a fine line here. You don’t want to waste time interviewing candidates who aren’t qualified. But you also don’t want to exclude potentially great workers by being too narrow. 

Are you struggling with your job descriptions, give us a call. Our experienced construction manager recruiters are here to help.  

How can you be sure you’re addressing the right pool of candidates?  

You have to know where the skilled tradespeople are. You have to know which skilled tradesmen are looking for work and when they’re available. The job boards will not help when you need skilled trades positions filled quickly with qualified, industry-tested candidates. 

Great tradespeople are not out of work for long! You have to be able to identify, recruit, and hire them within a tight timeframe.

At STP, that’s exactly what we do for our clients.

What about closing the deal and getting the skilled tradesperson you need on the job ASAP?

Skilled Trades Partners is built on blue-collar respect. We bring fully vetted candidates to our hiring clients ready to go to work—end of story!   

Are you a construction hiring manager or hiring specialist with a skilled trades job search, or searches, underway? Can’t wait weeks to fill your jobs or take a chance on not getting it right the first time?

Get the skilled construction workers you need from the expert recruitment team at Skilled Trades Partners. Whether you need temporary, specialized talent for a project or want to add skilled tradespeople to your permanent workforce, we can help.

When you partner with Skilled Trades Partners, you can expect our team to help you:

  • Access the skilled, specialized tradespeople you need—quickly!
  • Control labor costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Complete projects on time

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