Looking For The Best Workplace Benefits For Tradespeople? STP Has Them

Best Benefits for Construction Employees

Skilled tradespeople want more than just a paycheck. 

Although a consistent paycheck is still the most essential aspect of a job, skilled tradespeople are demanding additional benefits. These include healthcare, retirement, and work-lifestyle benefits.   

Employers are also aware of the need to offer benefits to be more competitive in the current candidate-friendly hiring market. Here’s what the benefits experts at Benefits Pro had to say in a recent article:  

Heading into 2022, we’ll see employers implementing new strategies to recruit workers, as well as amping up employee benefits, compensation and other perks to existing keep workers happy and engaged. Even after the Great Resignation ebbs, these new tactics will likely become the new standard.

In this post, we’ll look at benefits packages the great employers are offering in contrast to the minimum benefits you should never be without.

At STP, we want to make sure you’re never unemployed and that you always get the benefits you want and deserve.

Our team comes for the trades, and we’re built on blue-collar respect. We look at tradespeople as people first. We understand that you have families, healthcare, and retirement concerns that need to be addressed. These are some of the workforce benefits that we believe in and will fight for:        

  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Days (PTO)
  • Holiday Pay 
  • Medical And Dental Insurance
  • Tuition
  • Free OSHA/Safety Training (Keeps You Safer And Looks Great On A Resume!)
  • Quality PPE
  • “Blue-Back” Rewards (Quarterly Giveaways!)
  • Referral Bonuses (Help Us Find More Great Tradesoeple Like You And Get A Spiff!)
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Bonuses (Yep, YOu Read That Right!)

Contrast that with the bare minimum that every state requires: 

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • FICA payroll taxes
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Note: Certain states require some additional benefits    

Skilled tradespeople are in demand all over New England right now. Top-notch construction companies are looking for top-notch tradespeople, just like you!  

Whether you’re keeping your eye out for that great next great job or that challenging new opportunity to grow your skillset—make sure you have a trusted partner who’s got your back.  

Skilled Trades Partners is not your typical skilled trades construction recruitment agency. We’re built on blue-collar respect! You are worth full benefits like vacation, sick days, holiday pay, medical/dental insurance, and a ton of much-deserved perks. Salary and benefits are always top of mind with our recruiting team. 

We want to hear about your career goals and the kinds of projects and companies you’re looking for. We’ll connect you with quality contractors and projects that match your skills and expectations.

Are you a tradesman looking for a new job opportunity? Or maybe you’re looking for a change of scenery on a new project or location?

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