3 High-Demand Skilled Trades Jobs A Recruitment Agency Can Fill Quickly

3 High-Demand Skilled Trades Jobs A Recruitment Agency Can Fill Quickly Skilled Trades Partners

Skilled tradespeople are in high demand to fill open construction jobs throughout New England in 2022.

We’re knee-deep in the beginning of an extremely busy construction season. So don’t waste any time sourcing the best available trades talent in the Northeast.

But which trades are in the highest demand? How can construction companies and contractors source and hire the best tradesmen in New England?

We’ll address those questions and show hiring managers how to solve their skilled trades staffing and hiring challenges in three easy steps. Seriously. 

The STP team is hearing from more and more busy construction companies staffing up for the summer.

Our recruiting and staffing team is seeing high demand for carpenters, electricians, and plumbers in particular. 

Carpenters are in unusually high demand this year.

We’re seeing demand for rough carpenters and joiners, carpenter assistants, trim carpenters, and everything in between. If you’re interested in a carpenter job, call us today or check out our job board.

We also have plenty of unfilled positions for electricians this year. 

Electricians are definitely in demand this year, and that demand looks like it will continue for the next several years at least. Are you thinking about getting into the electrical trade?

We’re looking for electricians of all stripes, including apprentices. We also have journeyman positions available to fill immediately. Check our job board and get in touch with our recruiting team for more details.  

What about plumbers?

Yes, we also have open positions for plumbers, from apprentices to master plumbers. We’re also looking to fill some jobs for their close cousins—pipefitters and welders.

How strong is the demand for skilled construction tradesmen in general? 

We consulted the experts at Fox News online for some answers. Here’s what they had to say about the demand for skilled trades in 2022: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people could work remotely, but that doesn’t work for skilled laborers. Carpenters, ironworkers, mechanics, and others must do their work in person. Now, these skilled-labor jobs are in high demand among a nationwide shortage.”

That’s an excellent assessment. Your job can’t get outsourced as a skilled tradesman. These jobs require skilled men and women who show up at the job site ready to work with the skills their employers need.  

According to the job board giants at Zip Recruiter, the average skilled trades salary in the U.S. is around $44,000. In New England, the average wage for an experienced skilled tradesman is hovering around $65,520. 

Specialty tradespeople, independent contractors, and construction company owner-operators can easily make north of 100k per year.

Right now, we’re seeing demand for all skill levels—from newbies just entering the trades, to apprentices, to master tradesmen. 

We’re filling these positions quickly for now, but skilled trades talent will be running short in the coming months.

If you haven’t started recruiting skilled tradespeople for the busy construction season, it’s time to get started with STP! 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Get in touch using the link below, ask for one of our skilled trades recruiting and staffing professionals, and start hiring tradespeople for your projects. 

Get the skilled construction workers you need for the busy season from the expert recruitment team at Skilled Trades Partners. Whether you need temporary, specialized talent for a project or want to add skilled tradespeople to your permanent workforce, we can provide employees who are skilled, vetted, and ready to work. Contact us today at one of our four New England office locations.