Should Skilled Tradespeople Choose a Specialty?

Should Skilled Tradespeople Choose a Specialty? Skilled Trades Partners

Our job seeker clients are asking us that question a lot lately. Let’s face it, we live in an employment world made up of specialized workforces, and the skilled trades reflect that trend.

As far as we can tell, the first tradesmen were carpenters and stonecutters. Those two trades split off, and the rest is history!

Today there are literally hundreds of specialty trades, and the list keeps growing. As long as new construction materials, tools, instruments, equipment, and building usage types continue to evolve, so will the need for specialists.  

The short answer is yes, skilled trade specialization is a good thing.

In this post, we’ll discuss several examples of specialized skilled trades positions in the 2022 workforce, along with the employment trends we’re seeing. Let’s look at two skilled trades—carpentry and electrical—and some examples of subspecialties.  

Carpentry has many specializations, and here are just a few from the job board giants at Indeed:

  1. Rough carpentry
  2. Joister
  3. Trim carpentry
  4. Green carpentry
  5. Scenic carpentry
  6. Cabinet carpentry
  7. Ship carpentry
  8. Framer
  9. Roofer

Electricians also have many specialties to choose from, as pointed out in a recent article from Home Stratosphere:

  1. Domestic/Residential Electrician
  2. Commercial Electrician
  3. Maintenance Electricians
  4. Outside Lineman
  5. Security and Fire Alarm Installer
  6. Electrical Instrumentation Technician
  7. Industrial Electrician

Generally speaking, specialized skilled tradespeople tend to make more money and have more work opportunities than unspecialized tradespeople. The bottom line is the more tools you have in your tool belt, the more valuable you are in the workplace.

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