Gratifying Electrician Jobs in MA

electrician jobs in MA

Skilled Trades Partners is a construction staffing company based in New England, MA. Skilled Trades Partners, commonly known as STP, matches qualified tradesmen and women with electrician jobs in MA. Unlike some other recruiting and hiring companies, STP believes in “Blue Collar Respect.” We value our fellow blue-collar tradespeople as the backbone of our country, so we strive to only pair you with projects you’ll love.


Why Do Massachusetts Electricians Work with Skilled Trades Partners?

It’s darn near impossible to list all the reasons why electricians in Massachusetts choose to work with Skilled Trades Partners. It’s not just that we’re aware of the various types of electricians there are–yes, of course, this knowledge plays a big role in job procuring. It’s about so much more.


Local Staffing Agents


Our team is full of Old Colony State natives. We’re not out-of-state agents unfamiliar with the New England area. That means our STP staff is better suited to job scouting than most other agencies. When you choose to partner with an agency that leaves electrician jobs in MA hunting to people not accustomed to Massachusetts travel time, traffic, highways, and unique terrains, ultimately, you can’t be sure that the distance to the project from your home makes sense.


Our agents understand that one electrician may be willing to drive 25 miles each way, every day, for a project, whereas another electrician may prefer staying within ten miles of their home. Our job listings reflect electrician opportunities that align with your distance requirements. We value your time and money, so our agents won’t send you beyond where you’re open to travel.


As great as the previously mentioned perk is, we have another perk that may top it. Using a staffing agency with local employees means we have an “in” with the contractors, companies, and businesses looking for temporary hires for specific projects, temp-to-hires, and permanent hires. We work with many of the same contractors all the time. Thus, we have a feel for which contract job will suit your personality (job environment, structure, flexibility) and which job cultures may not pair well with your expectations.


Free OSHA Training


Skilled Trades Partners provides its tradesmen and women with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training for free. Why? Because your safety is a top priority. Furthermore, verifying that you’re trained in current OSHA practices is better for you and the contractor. It builds a relationship of trust within the contractor that you know what you’re doing, and it helps you to feel safe on the commercial work site. In keeping with our OSHA training, you’ll get PPE (personal protective equipment), as well.




Transparency is key to any healthy working relationship between job seekers and staffing agencies. Our list of electrician jobs in MA tells you, upfront, what the contract pays per hour, the type of electrician being sought, the city where the job will take place, and mentions whether the opportunity includes full benefits.


Blue Collar Respect


Words are supposed to mean something. We believe in the words “blue-collar respect,” and our belief materializes in how we operate. As an electrician partnering with Skilled Trades Partners, you’ll receive a Christmas bonus, referral bonus (let’s build a great crew together!), tool reimbursement (how many other electrician MA staffing agencies can say that?), and tuition assistance should you need aid during your tradesperson training.


Giving Back


Working for STP will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as our company works hard to be a part of the New England Community. We donate to local trade schools in the New England area, providing the schools with adequate, up-to-date learning tools for the students. Our agency also goes to active job sites to hand out necessary materials, such as shirts and hard hat stickers. And we bridge the skills gap in the tradesmen and women industry by supporting vocational schools and vet programs.


Benefits of Being an Electrician in MA


If you’re looking for electrician jobs in MA, you’re headed in the right direction, as there are many benefits. 


Massachusetts Electricians Earn More Than a Living Wage.


Did you know a tradesperson who takes up electrical work can make close to six figures? That’s right! According to ZipRecruiter, an electrician tradesperson can see a salary of over $99,000 during his or her lifetime. Presently, the average salary for Massachusetts electricians is $62,000 if you’re a journeyman electrician. 


But let’s give full disclosure. Not all electrician tradesmen and women make $60-99k, especially when they’re starting out. You can, however, expect to earn roughly around $40-50k at first. In Massachusetts, that’s well above minimum wage. As your skillset builds, we can assist you in locking down electrician jobs in New England on the higher end of electrician salaries. Skilled Trades Partners is all about seeing fellow blue-collar workers get paid well. 


Massachusetts Electricians Have Easy Access to VT, NH, & ME.


Many electricians in the New England area are able to contract out with nearby states, and the more opportunities you have, the better. In particular, dozens of our satisfied electricians enjoy working in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. For that reason, you will find several hiring offers posted from those states. 


Not to mention, not limiting potential electrician jobs to just the New England area fosters unbeatable networking possibilities; promotes diversity; instills cultural and environmental enrichment; expands your knowledge as a proficient tradesman or woman (eventually, you can say you’ve seen it all!); and allows for greater high-earning contracts.


Looking For Electrician Jobs in MA?


If you’re on the hunt for gratifying electrician jobs in MA, look no further than at Skilled Trades Partners. Our team is devoted to helping build your skillset, offering consistent job opportunities, and providing you with a satisfying career in the trade work industry. Ready to get started in the blue-collar workforce at STP? Then contact us now. We’re available during regular business hours by online application, phone, and email. You can also reach us through our Facebook and Linkedin