Good Paying Carpenter Jobs Near Me

Carpenter jobs near me

Licensed carpenters and jobs for carpenters are on the rise. But increased job openings also mean that the field can be oversaturated. Oversaturation means it’s easier for contractors to underpay skilled carpenters. 


In fact, if you’ve typed in “good-paying carpenter jobs near me” or just “carpenter jobs near me,” you may wrinkle your nose at many of the results. You may be uncertain about whether you want a temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent contract job if you don’t think the pay is fair. Skilled Trades Partners knows unfair pay is a huge problem for blue-collar construction tradesmen and women. That’s why we’ve committed to helping you find a job that pays well.

Different Types of Carpentry Jobs That Pay Well


Construction carpenters take on projects that are typically long-term. Most contractors will honor that by committing to long-term projects; you are not available for other contracts. Therefore, construction carpenters usually receive good pay. Our staffing agency will assist you in finding a construction job near you, in the New England area, that fits your salary requirements.

Roof Carpentry

Are you a carpenter specializing in roofing? Perhaps you prefer roofing contracts over other carpentry work. If that’s you, that’s perfectly fine. We’re able to pair you with roofing projects that make sense financially. The best part of partnering with our agency is that we only pair you with commercial work (no residential), so you’re bound to have employment for at least a couple of months and earn a fair amount of money.


Maintenance Carpentry

Doing maintenance work for commercial businesses makes it more likely that you’ll receive good pay. These big jobs tend to have short-term and long-term projects that come with insurance packages. Sounds nice, right?

Commensurate with Experience

On average, carpenters in Massachusetts earn over $60k a year, making our state one of the highest-paying carpentry states. That should make a search of “carpenter jobs near me in Massachusetts that pay well” easy, right? Alas, far too many carpenters in the New England area struggle to secure temporary and long-term contracts that are commensurate with their experience. Naturally, the more experience you have, the more a company should pay you. If you’ve been a carpenter for ten years, you’re entitled to make upwards of 70K.


On the flip side, this also means that a journeyperson carpenter can expect to earn less than a master carpenter. A journeyman carpenter is someone who’s recently completed his or her apprenticeship after putting in three or more years of work. Having these three years of tutelage under your belt makes you ripe for recouping $45,000 out the gate. Although this is less than what a standard master carpenter collects, $45k is way more than Massachusetts’ minimum wage, so you can still expect to do well.


A master carpenter is a tradesman or woman who has ten to fifteen years of experience. Master carpenters start at around $54k and can earn much more as the years go on.


A carpenter staffing agency, such as Skilled Trades Partners, will help negotiate a salary that’s commensurate with your experience.

Choosing The Right Carpentry Job for Myself

Okay, so you’ve devoted two to four years of your life to getting a carpenter’s license. Now, you’re ready to jumpstart your career. You send out so many applications that your head starts to spin. Sadly, you’re not liking the callbacks. It seems that some contractors want to underpay you. Other contractors don’t appear to respect the effort, commitment, and skillset it took for you to become a licensed carpenter.


Well, we at Skilled Trades Partners understand. Blue-collar tradespeople deserve fair and respectable wages. But a quick Google search of “carpenter jobs near me” may not yield the best results in terms of carpenter job contracts that pay well. That’s why we partner with you to find a carpentry job that fits you! 


When you contact our construction recruiting agency, we do more than our level best. We make it a mission to match you with a contractor who’ll pay what you deserve. The pay will be commensurate with your experience. And the contract typically involves benefits. That’s right! Carpenters need vacation time, paid time off, and sick leave, too. 


Initially, some tradesmen and women may reject certain construction contracts if they believe that the contractor is shorting them. You may also overlook a potentially amazing job if you’re only looking at the salary and nothing else. But, quite often, the benefits package a carpenter job offers will offset a lower salary. Getting vision insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and a 401k can definitely even things out.

Local Carpenter Jobs Near Me

Skilled Trades Partners only matches tradesmen and women with local companies. Matching you with a New England contractor benefits your pockets in several ways. For examples:

You will save money on travel. 

Something that sets us apart from other temp hiring agencies is that we don’t want our job seekers blowing their earnings on gas and hotel costs. It’s always best when most of the money you earn goes towards you–not back into the job itself.

You are likely to get repeat business.

Liked the job? Well, our experience tells us the contractor liked you, too. Therefore, you can look forward to working with that company again whenever it has another project. The same couldn’t be said if we sent our job seekers out of the state.

You are more likely to get a temp-to-hire offer.

Local companies prefer hiring in-state independent contractors. It’s particularly true for New England carpenters that you’ll perform better than out-of-state hires because you’re familiar with the building structures, perhaps have frequented one of the businesses you’re contracting with, or you’ve previously worked with the company during your apprenticeship. Thus, several companies will offer temp-to-hire opportunities to local carpenters.

I Trust Skilled Trades Partners to Find The Best Paying Carpenter Jobs Near Me

Skilled Trades Partners is all about you! We are passionate about securing jobs for professional, licensed tradesmen and women because we’ve been where you are. Several members of our team were or currently are a tradesman or woman, so we know how hard it can be to find good-paying carpenter jobs, even after all the work we’ve put into getting our licenses. It’s our goal to aid quality tradespeople in receiving fair compensation, including impressive benefits packages.

If you’re ready to get the pay you deserve, contact us today.