How to Find Construction Workers to Hire in New England

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Best Ways to Look for New Construction Hires

Are you looking to permanently grow your team or fill in the gaps with a temporary construction hire? Either way – we’ll walk you through all the steps it takes to find construction workers to hire to help your construction business grow. Great skilled tradesmen are hard to come by, so keep reading if you’re ready to find them! 

Provide growth opportunities within your construction company

First things first – make sure all of your existing employees are happy with their current role. If they aren’t overjoyed in their current role or job site, see if you can hire them for another role with a different construction project.

You’ll want to make sure that you provide career growth opportunities within your construction company. One of the best ways to do this is by providing your employees with free training and tuition reimbursement. If you can’t figure out how to make that work within your company, another option would be to work with a skilled trades staffing company like Skilled Trades Partners that provides those types of benefits to skilled tradesmen employees.

Photo of 3 STP Construction Workers on site ready to workSTP can provide your company with dedicated skilled tradesmen who are ready to get to work.

Become a member of a trade organization with your construction company

One of the best ways to network with potential hires is by joining a trade organization. Trade organizations provide you with a plethora of resources for your construction company that you wouldn’t even believe that you’ve been living without for all this time. One of the best trade organizations in America is Associated Builders and Contractors. With over 22,000 members – you’d be sure to find the right hiring resources. If you decide to join, make sure to be an active member and attend as many local events with your company as you can. By doing this, you’ll be spreading your brand awareness which will help lead the right people to you over time. 

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STP helps construction companies spread the word that they are expanding their team on digital platforms.

Spread the word that you’re hiring construction workers online

The first place people look when they need a job is online. The real question is – how exactly do you reach the right people? Post on job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and Monster. 

Another option would be to make a social media post about your job opening for Facebook or LinkedIn, both platforms have job listing opportunities built in. What’s great about posting your opportunities on social media is that you can easily get your existing audience to see it, and people will have the ability to share it with their network and tag people that they think could be a good fit. 

Be in attendance at all the local job fairs and career events for construction workers

Did you know that job fairs still exist? Although they don’t happen as much as they used to since the internet has dominated the job search process, they certainly still exist and are worth attending. 

What’s a winning factor about job fairs is that you get to meet the candidate in person before considering their experience, so you can get a feel for their personality and see if they’d be a good fit in your construction company. Start with a simple Google search of  “Construction Job Fairs” to see if there are any job fairs coming up. Then, reach out to the organization hosting it to see what it takes to attend. 

If you do set up a booth at a job fair for your construction company, make sure you have some nice company swag that will attract construction workers to your table to start the conversation!

If you're looking to grow your construction team, be sure to provide benefits or work with a staffing company that does. At STP, we offer benefits for all of our skilled tradesmen, so your company doesn’t have to.

Have irresistible benefits that make the construction workers want to work for you over your industry peers

One of the first things people look for when searching for a job is what the company has to offer in terms of benefits. 

If you want to attract construction workers, you need to provide them with good reasons to work for you! While providing benefits can be expensive for your company, make sure to focus on the most important ones first. 

Some benefits that can be particularly important for construction workers include paid time off for holidays, sick and vacation days, tool reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, free high quality PPE, and free OSHA training. If your construction company can’t swing all of that, perhaps consider outsourcing to a skilled trades staffing agency that takes care of all of that for you!

Work with a skilled trades staffing company

If you want to save the time and effort of recruiting construction workers, you may want to consider working with a skilled trades staffing agency that will do everything we mentioned above for you. This will likely be the most efficient solution to hire construction workers for your company as it will take care of the entire recruiting process for you. If you work with the right skilled trades staffing company, they’ll even provide the benefits and educational growth opportunities (like free training and education reimbursement)  for your construction employees, so you don’t have to. Another benefit of working with a skilled trades staffing agency is that they can provide you with the type of skilled tradesmen you need based on what’s going on in your company – so if you need people long term or long term, they will have you covered. 

Ready to find your next construction hire?

Expanding your construction team doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Contact us to request talent today to see how we will help you find the right people for your construction team at no cost until they are hired!