Construction Staffing Solutions that Contractors Love

construction staffing solutions

When people say they work in construction, that can mean a lot of different things. Framers, roofers, brick layers, painters, plumbers, and more all work in “construction.” So what do they really mean?


Well here at Skilled Trades Partners, we work in construction. And we mean all of it.


If you’re looking for construction staffing solutions for your contracting business, Skilled Trades Partners is your one stop shop for finding all of the right talent, no matter what kinds of skills you are looking for.


But what sets us apart from other construction staffing solutions?


Construction Staffing Solutions Done Right


If you’re looking for temporary staffing solutions for your construction business, you’re probably trying to figure out who has the best construction staffing solutions to meet your needs. Here’s what you can expect from STP and our skilled tradesmen and women.


Commitment to Quality


Here at Skilled Trades Partners, we only hire the top talent to ensure that your projects come together without a hitch. Because quality is so important to us, we check all of our applicant’s references and verify their employment history. You can be sure that when we place tradesmen and women on a job, we are sending the best talent we can find.


Safety, Safety, Safety


Construction sites are dangerous, and the last thing you want is to rush someone to the emergency room for an accident that should have been avoided. STP knows that the only thing that’s more important than quality is safety, which is why all of our employees are highly trained in safety protocols and preventive measures.


All of our tradesmen and women will come to the jobsite equipped with the proper equipment and PPE to keep them working efficiently and safely – no matter what.


Prepared to Work


Our skilled tradespeople can be hired on demand, and they are ready to go. They’ll arrive with their own tools in tow and years of experience under their belts, and they’ll be ready to jump in and help every way they can. When you’re hiring tradesmen and women from a construction staffing solution, you want people who know what a jobsite looks like and who can get in where they fit in.


Our knowledgeable tradesmen and women know how to survey a site and jump right in where they’re most needed. Don’t expect our talented employees to stand around waiting to be told what to do.


Emphasis on Accountability


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find people who show up when they say they are going to and do what they need to without being asked. We believe that personal agency is one the trademarks of a great tradesperson, which is why we back our commitment to quality with total accountability.


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork


We approach every project with a team mentality. When you hire Skilled Trades Partners for your construction staffing solutions, every tradesman and woman who works on your job will be part of your team, and they will be ready to collaborate by joining forces with your existing staff.


Importance of Professionalism


In addition to their skills and team mentality, our skilled tradesmen and women exhibit the highest levels of professionalism when on the job. We know that your reputation matters, and when our team is working with you, they understand that everything they do affects you.


Honesty is Key


This is true for any area in life, and it’s no different for the way we approach our work. For Skilled Trades Partners to be effective in providing construction staffing solutions, we believe that total honesty, integrity, and transparency is the only way to go.


We Respect Blue Collars


What truly sets us apart from large and impersonal construction staffing solutions is that we have the utmost respect for our blue collar tradesmen and women, which is why they love working with us!


Since many of us here at STP come from blue collar backgrounds, we appreciate the nature of their hard work, and we do everything we can to reward a job well done. Unlike many of the large staffing agencies out there, our employees have full benefits packages. That means that STP provides people with careers – not gigs and short term work.


As such, our tradesmen and women treat their jobs with the same consideration and respect that we show them


STP Offers Professional Construction Staffing Solutions


In addition to our team of skilled tradespeople, STP also has a diverse team of experienced and credentialed professionals in every area of the construction trade. These include engineers, estimators, project managers, foremen, safety pros, and supervisors.


If you have more work than you can handle, STP can help. What this means for you as a contractor is that you could staff an entire job with STP’s skilled team of professionals and tradespeople, while trusting that everything will come together just like it would if you were running the job yourself.


From start to finish, your job can be drawn up, executed, and watched over without you ever needing to step foot on the jobsite. This might sound kind of crazy, but once you see STP’s commitment to quality, safety, and professionalism, you’ll be ready to leave our pros in charge without thinking twice about it.


Experience STP for Yourself and Find Out Why Contractors Love Us


Working with STP has taken many contractors like yourself from struggling to get by to running multiple jobs at the same time. With STP, you are getting a construction staffing solution that will stand by you from start to finish, no matter what your needs might be.


Whether you need extra help for a day or two, or you need a full team for a project that will take months to finish, we have the talent and the dedication to get the job done.


If you’re still not sold on STP, feel free to give us a call and have your questions answered by one of our knowledgeable team members. Contact Skilled Trades Partners today to find out what you’re missing!