It’s A Must That You Build Trust With Employees | And It Starts Day One

It's A Must That You Build Trust With Employees

Construction hiring managers and HR professionals know that building trust with employees is a process that starts before their first day on the job. In the construction trades, employee/employer trust is essential. It’s a foundational element of success.

In this post, we’ll discuss: 

  • Why Trust Is So Important In The Construction Business
  • How To Build A Platform Of Trust
  • Trust As A Pillar Of Corporate Culture

First, we need to answer a fundamental question:

Why Trust Is So Important In The Construction Business

Trust is everything. According to the HR experts at Smarp

According to the research mentioned above, employees who trust their employers experience 74% less stress and 40% less burnout. As stress and burnout have many negative impacts on employee motivation and productivity, employers are trying to eliminate these emerging challenges in their workplaces. To do so, they have no choice but to build trust in the workplace!  

Tradespeople have to know that they can trust their fellow field crew members, and they have to be able to trust and rely on their office and white-collar crew members. These are the superintendents, project managers, logistics personnel, etc. 

They keep the field crews busy and humming with the supplies, scheduling, direction, and paycheck they need to get the job done right and on time.   

Developers work with general contractors that they can trust and rely on. That trust cascades down into the subcontractors, the crews in the field, and ultimately to each tradesperson.

Without trust, there is no loyalty and consequently no motivation or productivity.

How To Build A Platform Of Trust

This part is very straightforward; say what you mean and do what you say—starting day one. That’s what we do at STP, and we’re built on blue-collar respect.

Tradesmen respond to honesty and sincerity. They can spot b/s a mile away and react negatively to any attempts to hide the truth.

Tradespeople have a good understanding of project delays, scheduling, and material delivery issues, etc. They understand that these issues are just part of the business, and they will generally be OK with them. Honesty and trust are contagious!        

Trust As A Pillar Of Corporate Culture

Trust needs to be part of your corporate brand and culture. This starts with ownership and management and forms the fundamental DNA of the company. And it needs to be part of every policy in the framework and structure of the company. 

A culture of honesty and trust that starts at the top will flow down into every employee.  

Always stay on top of the need to promote and reward honesty and trust in every employee, including your skilled trades employees. 

And always be recruiting! Whether you’re keeping your eye out for great skilled trades talent for future projects or just making sure, your current employees are satisfied—keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce.  

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