How Valuable Is A Skilled Trades Recruiter?

How Valuable Is A Skilled Trades Recruiter? | Skilled Traded Partners

There has always been a debate over when it makes the most sense to use a recruiter in the world of construction and skilled trades.

So why would construction companies and other employers of skilled tradesmen need a recruiter? Are we in a tight labor market right now? 

What the Experts Say

A recent article from For Construction Pros states, “There are many unfilled jobs in the U.S. today. Home improvement projects and a competitive housing market have driven the increase in demand for skilled workers. Filling these available jobs is the first step, but the deeper answer lies in training and retaining talent once they have been hired, leading to longer standing employment and a true new workforce to replace the workers that have retired. Regardless of what’s on the 2022 horizon, one thing is for sure: things will evolve and change and the ever-resilient construction industry will continue to pave the way to the future.”

That’s an excellent summary of the need for ongoing skills training. And we always advise our partners to engage in long-term employee retention planning. At STP, we understand this competitive market, and we know where to find top-shelf skilled tradesmen and women to help get your projects completed—on time and on budget.

What to Expect When You Connect with New England Recruiting Professionals:

  • A Network Of Skilled Trades Professionals
  • Extensive Knowledge of New England Trades Hiring Trends 
  • Trusted Relationships With Active and Passive Candidates
  • Purpose-Built, Flexible Staffing, Temp, Temp-To-Hire, And Direct-Hire Services

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At Skilled Trade Partners, we’re built on blue-collar respect, and we want to earn your business! We want to be the go-to extension of your team for hiring and staffing needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping your eye out for great skilled trades talent for future projects or just making sure your current employees are satisfied—always keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce.  

Whether you need temporary, specialized talent for a project or want to add skilled tradespeople to your permanent workforce, we can provide employees who are qualified, vetted, and ready to work.

When you partner with Skilled Trades Partners, you can expect our team to help you access the skilled, specialized tradespeople you need, control labor costs, increase productivity, complete projects on time and more. Contact us today at one of our four New England office locations.