3 Perks That Can Be Used to Boost Blue Collar Culture

3 Perks That Can Be Used to Boost Blue Collar Workforce Culture

Yep, the hazy, lazy days of summer are back! So, it’s “the best of times and the worst of times” for tradespeople of all stripes. Construction projects are peaking during the summer. That’s great news!

Busy skilled tradesmen and women in the workforce are also looking for much-deserved vacation time, PTO, and beach time with their families, just like everyone else this summer.

How can employers balance the busy construction season with vacation and PTO demands from the workforce?

Inc. Magazine points out the downside of focusing too heavily on productivity:

Solely focusing on employees’ productivity in a high-pressure environment can have some short-term benefits, but in the long run there might be more negative consequences for both yourself and your employees if you create a bare-bones, cutthroat environment within your company.

This post will discuss three simple ways to thread that needle without breaking the bank. Let’s get started so we can all get back to work, or the beach!

Make flexible work scheduling top of mind.

We all know there will be scheduling conflicts during the busy season. Hopefully, we’ve all planned for this, and vacations are baked into our schedules. We also know there will be special circumstances and requests for additional PTO and days off. Let’s be ready.

We all need to go out of our way to accommodate our great skilled tradespeople, even though it won’t always be possible to meet every request. Your valued employees will go the extra mile for you if you do the same for them.  

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Company picnic(s) and outdoor employee appreciation events are back!

Outdoor events, like company picnics, are an excellent way to show appreciation and have fun at the same time. Do some fun stuff like play some volleyball and have a few adult beverages! Also, provide some fun awards and employee recognition.

Gallup accentuates the immense value of workforce and individual employee recognition in a recent article.

Share Company Swag — T-shirts are always good!

A small show of appreciation that promotes your company’s brand will go a long way with your skilled trade employees. We’re big believers in corporate branding and employee recognition with cool giveaways at STP.

And now for a bonus tip on making it through the busy construction season by accommodating vacations, paid PTO, and unrealistic project deadlines…

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