5 Tips For Tradesmen Before Sending in Your Construction Resume

5 Tips For Tradesmen Before Sending in Your Construction Resume

We get this question all the time: “As a skilled trades job seeker, how important is my resume?” The answer is it’s extremely important.

A lousy resume won’t necessarily prevent you from getting a job interview, but it certainly won’t help.

The result of a successful job hunt is not just a job, but a great job. You may be able to land a job or two as a skilled tradesman by virtue of your skill sets and experience. But have you ever asked yourself questions like: Did I get the maximum compensation and benefits I could have? Or “Does this company value my contribution?”

In our decades of experience evaluating candidates, we’ve come up with five must-have tips for skilled trades resumes. Building a resume is as much an art as a science. It’s also about telling your story.

We’re not promoting this post as an end-all for resume writing by any stretch. The job board giants at Indeed, for example, offer ten helpful resume writing tips. But these few simple suggestions will help you stay on track with an eye-catching resume.   

Is It Up To Date?

Always make sure to update your resume before submitting it to a prospective employer. Unless you haven’t left your house since your last job, you potentially have something to add. Even if you just keep your gaps to a minimum, you’ll improve your resume.  

Do You Have Any New Skills to Add?

At Skilled Trades Partners, our team talks a lot about the advantages of skilled trades specializations. If you’ve learned any new specialty skills that aren’t on your current resume, you need to be sure to add them.

Did You Include Certifications with Your Specialty Skills?

Include certifications like master plumber, welding certifications, OSHA certifications, etc. If you’ve ever received a certification card from any organization, put it on your resume! 

Did You Match A Few Keywords in the Job Description?

Keeping in line with the previous tip, always try to match a few words in your resume with some of the keywords in the job description, like “certified welder required” or “electrician with traffic light experience required.” 

Matching your resume with job description keywords simply makes it easier for you to get noticed by Application Tracking Software tools.   

Did You Keep It Short? 

Keep your resume as short as possible without omitting any important information. Two pages should be the max length. Sound like a tough job? Give us a call. We can help.

Remember, job hunting is about getting your dream job, not just any job!

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