The Value of Listening to Feedback from Your Construction Employees

The Value of Listening to Feedback from Your Construction Employees

Hiring managers and human resources teams know the value of employee feedback. And the value of employee feedback at every level of your construction company can’t be overstated. So how can leaders at every level—from business executives to owners to foremen, more effectively get valuable employee feedback?

This post will address the sometimes tricky question of how to get valuable employee feedback without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Let’s start with some timely words from the world’s largest personnel management organization. Here’s what the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has to say about employee/employer feedback:

Without feedback, you’re walking blind. At best, you’ll accidentally reach your goal. At worst, you’ll wander aimlessly through the dark, never reaching your destination. 

Now, we all know construction tradespeople are known to occasionally say, “It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough for government work!” The OPM makes a good point here, though. Employers need valuable, timely, candid feedback from their skilled trades workforce for a variety of reasons.

So what are the best ways to get this feedback?

Get Feedback Early and Often Before It’s Too Late! 

Construction companies want to ensure they’re hiring and maintaining the most valuable tradespeople in the workforce. That means getting constructive feedback consistently to provide an exceptional workplace.

Employees are not always comfortable providing feedback, so consider using anonymous tools like employee portals, anonymous submission forms, etc. And always look for trends. More than one recurrence of the same type of negative feedback should be a red flag.

Today’s skilled tradesmen and women want more than just a paycheck. They want a great place to work.

Take the Good with the Bad, Anonymously.

Something is wrong if you’re not occasionally getting some negative feedback from your employees. That’s why we suggest anonymous feedback loops.

Tradespeople instinctively know that they learn more from their mistakes than their successes. Take a page from their playbook. Look at employee suggestions and complaints as a way to make your awesome construction company even better! 

Realize You’re Not Perfect and Take Action When Necessary. 

Criticism is OK. You’ll be amazed at how you can improve your business’s processes, and your workplace in general, by listening to feedback from the talented men and women in your skilled trades workforce. And when the input is on target, take action and make appropriate changes. 

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