The Do’s and Don’ts For Your First Week On the Construction Site

The Do's and Don'ts For Your First Week On the Construction Site

Are there any hard and fast rules for what to do or not do your first week on a new construction project? Well, not exactly, but…

Wherever we’re at in our careers as tradespeople, we can all use a refresher course on job site and workplace etiquette. 

The career advancement experts at The Muse put it plainly:

Whether it’s your first position or your fifth, those first few days on the job can be more than a little intimidating.

If you’ve ever been a construction newbie on a new job site, you’ve probably been asked this question by a senior tradesman: “Hey rookie, can you go ask around and see if anyone has a sky hook we can borrow?”

Then you asked around, and everybody chuckled and sent you on to the next crew until you figured it out—there’s no such thing as a sky hook!

A little good-natured fun can create camaraderie on the job site. And in this post, we’ll discuss some of the essential dos and don’ts of your first week on a new construction site, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned skilled trades veteran! 

Be Dependable.

Don’t be unreliable. Show up every day on time, in acceptable work attire, with your tools, and be ready to work a full day. We talk about unreliable craftsmen and tradespeople in a previous post. Tradespeople keep projects going smoothly and bring them in on time. They’re the battery that makes the watch tick. 

Unreliable tradesmen and women can be toxic on a construction site.

Be Trustworthy.

Don’t be dishonest. Trust on a construction site is foundational. Tradespeople have to be able to trust each other. Skilled craftsmen have expensive tools and equipment that they must sometimes entrust to their coworkers. Trust must be ubiquitous. 

Always be straightforward in filling out timesheets, managing per diem payments, keeping pay-per-mile driving records, etc. Live by the golden rule—treat your coworkers, bosses, and fellow tradespeople as you expect them to treat you. 

Be Respectful. 

There is a hierarchy on construction projects. It’s not written down or posted anywhere, but tradesmen know it instinctively from experience. Always respect tradespeople that are more senior than you, and always respect your boss. You don’t have to blindly obey things you know are wrong, but always be respectful and considerate. 

If you act that way, you’ll be treated the same way and respected in return. Is it time you started working with a recruiter built on blue-collar respect for tradespeople?

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