Red Flags That Can Be Spotted In The Interview Process

Red Flags That Can Be Spotted In The Interview Process

All construction hiring managers would agree that bad hires are bad for business.  And right upstream from a lousy hire joining your team is probably an interview process that didn’t go well. 

We’ve all had interviews where we were misinformed or simply made a tactical mistake by drawing the wrong conclusions about the candidate. Maybe we assumed that the candidate could learn new skills, upskill on the job, etc.

It happens. But what can we do to help ensure that we don’t get fooled again? Bad hires are toxic to construction companies in terms of job site productivity and lost project time. According to the job board giants at CareerBuilder:

When asked how a bad hire affected their business in the last year, employers cited less productivity (37 percent), lost time to recruit and train another worker (32 percent) and compromised quality of work (31 percent). 

In this post, we’ll discuss three absolute no-nos to look for when interviewing skilled trades professionals. Hiring teams need to be highly wary of candidates exhibiting any of these three behaviors:

  • Disengaged—Just Looking for a Paycheck
  • Lies or Is Deceptive About Certifications, etc.
  • Shows Up Carelessly Late for the Interview

Disengaged—Just Looking for a Paycheck

Hiring teams never want to bring employees on board who are just looking for a paycheck. Your goal for new hires is always for them to become active participants on your skilled trades team. 

Look for signs that the employee is engaged and genuinely interested in your job opportunity. Is their resume up to date? Are they dressed appropriately? In a previous post, we discuss these and other questions from a candidate’s perspective.

The answers to those important questions will help you gauge the tradesmen’s level of motivation and engagement.

Lies Or Is Deceptive About Work History, Certifications, etc.

Always verify any certifications, such as safety certifications, trade certifications, such as master plumber, master electrician, specialty carpenter, etc. We’re always amazed when job seekers try to stretch the truth during our vetting process. But it does happen.

Trust is a critical character trait for every employee in an effective construction workforce. Any deception in an interview is a huge red flag. 

Shows Up Late for the Interview

Everyone can have a bad day or a bad drive and wind up late for an interview. But it is still a significant indication of the candidate’s level of engagement when taken in the context of the interview process. Also, remember that the watchword here is “carelessly” late.  

The bottom line is context. So keep your eyes wide open and let your instincts and experience be your final guide.

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