5 Benefits A Recruitment Agency Can Provide For Your Next Construction Job Search

5 Benefits A Recruitment Agency Can Provide For Your Next Job Search Skilled Trades Partners

In building construction, the foundation and the roof are two things you have to get right. Every skilled construction tradesman knows that instinctively.

The world of skilled trades recruiting is similar. In this post, we’ll discuss five critical benefits of using a recruiting and staffing agency for construction job seekers. We’re going to start with the foundation (benefit number one) and end with the roof (benefit number 5).

The foundation of an excellent skilled trades recruiting and staffing agency is focus and expertise.

When you have an experienced recruiting and staffing agency behind you, your job-hunting process will get off to a great start. By choosing STP, you’ve almost guaranteed your success as a job candidate.

In between the foundation and the roof are the floors of the building. With STP, our building is built on blue-collar respect from the foundation up, and everywhere in between!

We’ve designed our core services (floors of the building!) to help skilled tradespeople find the opportunity they’re looking for every time. These are benefits 2,3 and 4.

Temporary And Contract Staffing Positions

If you’re looking for a temporary contract job or a change of scenery, this service might be just right for you. There are no strings attached since these opportunities are designated as temporary positions. “Gig-work” is becoming more common across the board in the skilled trades.

Temp-to-Hire Recruiting Programs

With temp-to-hire programs, the preferred outcome is for your employer to end up hiring you as a permanent employee. This gives the employee and the employer a chance to evaluate each other through an on-the-job training and evaluation period.

Permanent/Direct-Hire Recruiting Services

This service is for excellent employers looking for excellent skilled tradesmen. These are permanent positions that come with much-deserved perks like paid PTO, healthcare, retirement benefits, and more.

And last but not least is the roof—benefit 5.

Our professional recruiting team builds relationships with skilled tradesmen and women that last a lifetime.

Our skilled trades recruiting team will act as a roof over your head, shielding you from job stress and always looking out for your best interests as a skilled tradesperson.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about 400,000 skilled trades jobs will be created in the next ten years or so. So let’s get started on the search for your dream job.

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