Here’s Why You SHOULD Consider a Career In Skilled Trades

Here's Why You SHOULD Consider a Career In Skilled Trades

Are you just starting out in your career or considering a career change? At STP, our team of professional recruiters is helping men and women enter the rewarding skilled trades profession every day.

In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why skilled trades are in such high demand, how long the trend will last, and why they provide a rewarding career path. 

Will demand for skilled tradespeople be high in 2023? As reported in Construction Equipment Guide recently: 

In 2023, the industry will need to bring in nearly 590,000 new workers on top of normal hiring to meet industry demand, and that’s presuming that construction spending growth slows next year.

“Now is the time to consider a career in construction,” said Bellaman [Steve Bellaman, President and CEO, Associated Builders and Contractors].

That’s great news for construction companies and tradespeople alike. But there’s more to a career choice than high employer demand.

Here are three reasons why young workers are making a move to enter the skilled trades professions. 

Work-Lifestyle Choices and Satisfaction

The skilled construction trades provide a rewarding lifestyle for energetic, independent men and women looking for opportunities to control their destinies. We encourage tradespeople to always look to the future by increasing their knowledge, skills, and certifications.

Valuable craftsmen always have plenty of choices regarding who they choose to work for and where. We’ve talked with many people who have left office jobs and other white-collar positions to get into the trades. They always mention the personal satisfaction of seeing a project come to completion in the form of a finished building.   

There’s always a new opportunity right around the corner.

Sustainability & Compensation

The skilled construction trades are always in demand, but the work can be challenging and demanding, both physically and mentally. Skilled tradespeople embrace these challenges with skill and determination.

Skilled craftspeople who are up to their profession’s challenges are always in high demand. That makes the skilled trades a sustainable field with excellent compensation and benefits opportunities. 


We pointed out in a previous post that, as a skilled tradesperson, your job will never be outsourced

The answer is simple: The trades in the US require a trained American citizen with a valid SSN, or a valid green card holder, to put their hands on the tools and materials to get the job done.

That says it all! Skilled tradespeople and craftsmen are independent, in demand, and confident in their abilities.

Are you looking for a new, rewarding job challenge or a change of scenery for your next great project? 

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