Looking to Improve Construction Jobsite Safety? Follow These Tips!

Looking to Improve Construction Jobsite Safety? Follow These Tips!

How important is job site safety for skilled tradespeople? As a skilled trades recruiter built on blue-collar respect, our answer to that question is simple. There is nothing more important than a safe workplace for skilled tradespeople and, for that matter, all construction employees.

There are simply too many injuries in the construction trades every year. And the sad part is that many of these injuries are preventable. 

First and foremost, a safe workplace will prevent tragic injuries and loss of life and income. Construction safety programs are also good for your business and reputation. The online consumer advice website House Grail pointed this out in a recent article:

…Construction firms in the US save between $4 to $6 on the cost of injuries for every $1 invested in safety programs.

…One in every ten construction workers is injured each year in the US. 

Those are some eye-opening statistics for sure.

Here are three simple tips for employers to create a safer construction workplace:

Construction safety awareness starts at the corporate ownership and executive levels.

Safety practices work best when they come from the top-down. Construction company executives and owners must be outspoken proponents of safe construction workplaces.

The skilled workforce will take safety much more seriously when they see their management and white-collar colleagues doing the same. 

That means that the white-collar team needs to be trained on the absolute necessity and benefits of safe workplaces and job sites.  

Workforce education and awareness are critical elements of effective workplace safety platforms.

At STP, we’ve seen that safety programs work best when all levels of the organization participate equally. This includes ownership, executive management, white-collar field personnel (like PMs, estimators, and foremen), HR people, and, of course, tradespeople. 

We’ve also seen that training platforms are most effective in participatory environments where all stakeholders are engaged and motivated in training sessions. This type of cross-pollination is extremely conducive to healthy construction company cultures. 

OSHA provides the foundation for construction safety guidelines.

There is no better way to build a safety-first company culture than with OSHA training. STP has some unique training opportunities that can get you started.

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