Is it Better to Work Out Before or After Your Construction Shift?

Is it Better to Work Out Before or After Your Construction Shift?

Many skilled tradespeople want to maintain a level of fitness over and above their physical work activities.

So is it better to work out before or after your daily work schedule? Drum roll, please. According to Fast Company:

“There is no hard and fast research that says either morning or night exercise is better,” says personal trainer Maurice Williams.

OK, so forget the drum roll. As we all suspected, it’s totally subjective. If you’re a workout junky, you already have your schedule down. But what about those skilled tradespeople who are just breaking themselves into a workout schedule?

Here are three suggestions that will help you evaluate a work-workout schedule to suit your lifestyle and goals.

It’s time to make some personal work-lifestyle decisions.

Balancing your work, family, hobbies, private life interests, etc., can be a challenge. If you work eight hours a day and sleep eight hours a day, that only leaves eight hours for everything else! And most of the tradespeople we know work at least some overtime and weekends.

The bottom line is that tradesmen need to evaluate their schedules and health goals in context to determine a workout schedule. Exercise routines are also subjective. Working in the skilled trades usually involves physical, calorie-burning activity, but lacks cardiovascular exercise.

A workout for a hardworking tradesperson might entail taking a brisk walk or a 20-minute run after the workday. Weight-lifting or martial arts might be more suited to another one of your colleagues. Again, exercise is subjective.

So when should you schedule your workouts?

Experience both ends of the work-fitness spectrum.

A fitness plan can improve your physical health and potentially help you keep away from certain work-related health issues like back injuries, etc. Our advice is to pick an exercise routine and try it before and after your daily work routine.

You’ll quickly discern what works best in your daily routine.

Ok, so how can you get started?

Start small and grow with an exercise plan outside of your “day job. ”

A good work-life balance should include some form of exercise outside of your daily work routine. Of course, sometimes busy schedules will preclude these activities, but stick with it!

Even if it’s just a small time dedication to get out, take a brisk walk, get some cardio, and enjoy the beautiful Northeast outdoors, your health is worth it.

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