Review These Wintertime Construction Safety Tips With Your Team

Review These Wintertime Construction Safety Tips With Your Team

Skilled tradesmen and women need to be extra careful working through the cold winter months in the Northeast.

It’s just a fact of life that it’s more dangerous for tradespeople as we “slip” into the cold weather months. So we all need to be more safety conscious. But what are some of the dangers associated with working in cold environments? We consulted the CDC for some guidance:

Anyone who has to work in a cold environment may be at risk of cold-related illnesses and injuries, or “cold stress.” Workers who may not be able to avoid working outdoors in cold weather could include police officers, snow cleanup crews, sanitation workers, farmers, construction workers, and many others.

Let’s start by talking about preventing cold stress.

Cold stress awareness

Safety training and awareness of the dangers of working long hours in the cold need to be stressed with construction workforces. Senior skilled tradesmen must also be mindful of the less experienced team members and keep them on their toes.

Clod stress can quickly lead to hypothermia which can lead to serious illness or even death.

Supervisors, foremen, construction company owners, and leadership must stress the importance of staying warm on the jobsite and taking frequent breaks. Dressing appropriately is also critical.

Dress for the weather

Skilled tradespeople know that it’s always best to dress in layers of clothing. Staying dry on the job is equally important, especially for the hands and feet. Warm layers of clothes, frequent breaks, and excellent footwear will keep your skilled trades team healthy, earning a great living, and moving your wintertime projects along.

What about ice and other hazards that can cause falls?

Extra vigilance and mindfulness to avoid falls

The number one cause of workplace injuries and deaths by far is accidental falls. Slippery, icy surfaces, and natural snow and ice outdoors only exacerbate the problem. Ensure your entire workforce is properly safety trained and promote extra vigilance around falls during wintertime.

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