Want to Make a Name For Yourself in the Construction Field? Use Your Network!

Want to Make a Name For Yourself in the Construction Field? Use Your Network!

Skilled tradespeople frequently ask us how to network in the construction business. 

The answer is pretty straightforward, and in this post, we’ll discuss a few simple tips to grow your network.

We found an excellent description of professional networking in the skilled trades from the experts at Construct Connect:

Networking is all about making new connections and building longstanding relationships. In the commercial construction industry being able to effectively network is a vital skill that as an individual could land you your next job or put your company on the path to your next big project.

We agree with their assessment that networking is fundamentally about building trusted relationships that can help uncover future opportunities.

So what’s the best way to get started?

Build trust and respect with your fellow skilled tradesmen.

Your network can help you find your next great job. At STP, we consider all our job seeker clients part of our network, and they feel the same way about us. You’ll build trusted relationships with your network by being dependable, honest, and conscientious on every job.

A network built on trust will help you stay busy while working on your terms.

Build trust and respect with your current/previous construction employers and maintain your online presence.

Never burn any bridges with employers, past or present. This will enable you to keep your resume and online presence current with exceptional references. One lousy reference can cost you a great job. So always maintain great relationships with all the construction companies you’ve worked for in the past. 

Keep a relationship with a leading skilled trades recruiter.

We talked about five benefits that we can provide for skilled tradespeople in a previous post. What’s the bottom line? We understand both sides of the hiring equation—exceptional tradespeople and exceptional construction companies. The team at STP wants to be part of your professional network.

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