3 Excellent Questions to Ask During Your Next Construction Job Interview

3 Excellent Questions to Ask During Your Next Construction Job Interview

Skilled trades job seekers are looking for secure jobs with the best employers going into 2023.

And we are seeing some excellent construction companies looking to snag the best available skilled trades talent for next year’s projects as 2022 draws to a close. That means there are some tremendous win-win employment opportunities for skilled tradespeople and construction companies alike.

The construction industry is growing, despite inflation issues, supply chain challenges, and energy prices. That means skilled tradesmen are in demand and have a huge say in who they will work for. Harvard Business Review sums it up in a recent article:  

Job interviews are a two-way process — you’re interviewing your potential boss and employer as much as they’re interviewing you. After all, you don’t just want any job — you want the right job.

We agree with that assessment. So we’ve put together a list of three questions to ask your next potential employer in your job interview. This post assumes you’re hiring on as a full-time employee and not a 1099 contractor. 

Let’s get started with these three important questions:

Can you introduce me to my new boss?

If you haven’t met them already, it’s perfectly normal to want to meet the person you’ll report to directly in your new skilled trades job. We talk about red flags for employers to look for in interviews in a previous post, and this isn’t one of them. 

We always want our candidates to meet their new boss to get a feel for their management and leadership style. And when you meet them, ask questions.  This is the time to vet your future boss! 

How does your project backlog look for 2023?

Skilled tradespeople want stability. You should ask your future boss about the project backlog for the coming year. Get their straightforward assessment of the future straight from the horse’s mouth. 

The future can always change, especially in the construction business. But you want to enter your new job with as much information as possible.

Can you describe your non-salary benefits?

Last but not least, this question is for human resources. Every new employee should clearly understand all benefits over and above their wages, like vacation, sick days, holiday pay, and medical insurance.

We’re built on blue-collar respect at STP, and we fight for the best benefits package available for our valued skilled tradesmen and women!

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